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About Grand Theft Auto IV( (1)

Grand Theft Auto also know as GTA.Today i’m posting grand theft auto iv that is very famouse and awesome game in gaming world.Thera are many missions thats have all different modes with different enemies.Now its timw to play like Niko Bellic thats have story past.There are many weapons how have different modes.Awesome fast and sports cars also avail in gta iv as well heavy bikes.There are helicopters and boats as all gta posting gta iv specially for gta lovers.hope you all enjoy this game if you like then please share.

About Grand Theft Auto IV( (16)

GTA IV Platforms:-))

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Play Station
  • Xbox
About Grand Theft Auto IV( (3)

Grand Theft Auto series:-))

  • GTA Vice City
  • GTA Liberty Stories
  • GTA Lyari Express
  • GTA Punjab
  • GTA 007
  • GTA Lost & Damned
  • GTA Chinatown Wars
  • GTA The Ballad Of Gay Tony
  • GTA San Andreas
  • GTA IV
  • Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)
About Grand Theft Auto IV( (5)

About Grand Theft Auto IV:-))

  • Release Date::: April 29,2008
  • Developers::: Rockstar North / Rockstars Leeds / Rockstar Lincoln
  • Publishers::: Rockstar Games / Capcon
  • GTA Creators::: David Jones,Dan Houser,Sam Houser,Mike Dailly,Leslie Benzies,Aaron Garbut
  • Game Genre::: Action / Shooting / Fighting / Racing / Third-Persion / Adventure
  • Game Theme::: Fighting , Shooter , Adult
About Grand Theft Auto IV( (13)

System Requirements: GTA 4 Game:-))

  • OS::: Windows XP/ 7 / Vista
  • RAM::: 1 GB / 2 GB*
  • HDD::: 15 GB
  • GPU::: nVidia GeForce 7900+

Grand Theft Auto IV Game ScreenShots:-))

GTA IV Missions:-))

grand theft auto iv evolution grand theft auto iv hands on mission grand theft auto the ballad of gay tony mission gta 4 mission call and collect gta 4 missions Gta iv assassination mission gta iv community discussion gta iv lost and damned mission gta iv the iiiusive one

Grand Theft Auto 4 Game Weapons:-))

20100816031741!GTA_IV GTA-IV-Addon-Arkham-City-Catwoman_1
Basic::: 17 Glock
Pistol Range::: 50
Capacity::: 17
Pistol Damage::: 25
Combat Pistol
Basic::: Eagle Desert
Pistol Range::: 50
Capacity::: 9
Pistol Damage::: 40
Basic::: SW MP-10
Range::: 60
Capacity::: 30
Damage::: 20
Accuracy::: Good
Reload Time::: 1.9 Sec
Pump Shotgun
Basic::: 1300 Winchester
Range::: 35
Capacity::: 8
Damage::: 20
Accuracy::: Good
Reload Time::: 3 Sce
Combat Shotgun
Basic::: 1201 Beretta
Range::: 40
Capacity::: 10
Damage::: 10
Accuracy::: Poor
Reload Time::: 3 Sec
Assault Rifle
Basic::: AK-47*
Range::: 65
Capacity::: 30
Damage::: 30
Accuracy::: Good
Reload Time::: 2.2 Sec
Carbin Rifle
Basic::: M4 Carbin
Range::: 71
Capacity::: 32
Damage::: 32
Accuracy::: Decent
Reload Time::: 2.0 Sec
Combat Sniper
Basic::: PSG-1
Range::: 1.6K
Capacity::: 10
Damage::: 76
Accuracy::: Awesome
Reload Time::: 2.0 Sec
RPG Weapon
Basic::: RPG-7
Range::: 100
Capacity::: 1
Damage::: …
Accuracy::: Decent
Reload Time::: 2 Sec

GTA IV Helicopters:-))

gta iv helicpoters (1) gta iv helicpoters (1) gta iv helicpoters (2) gta iv helicpoters (2) gta iv helicpoters (3) gta iv helicpoters (4) gta iv helicpoters (5) gta iv helicpoters (6) gta iv helicpoters (7) gta iv helicpoters (8) gta iv helicpoters (9) gta iv helicpoters (10)

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