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Free Keyword Research | I Will Find High Ranking Keywords


Hello and welcome to this classical offer in which I will do an amazing work for all of you for free. If you are running a website or blog and you need some help regrading SEO then this post is for you. If you need better ranking on google then you should target some high ranking keywords in google. Are you good in SEO? can you find high ranking keywords? if not then you landed at right place. This post or offer is something about keywords, not only this, this all about HIGH RANKING KEYWORDS that you all need for your blog, website or business.

I will do free High Ranking Keyword Research

but before moving forward, let me tell you that I will do this for those who have knowledge about how to properly target a keyword in a post.

don’t you know about how to target?

don’t worry, I am here to help you, below is a list of SEO posts that will help you to learn about seo and how to target keyword in a post.

How to Optimize Blog Post [Most Popular Post of my Blog] How to Optimize Blog Post Images
6 Basic SEO Techniques, Still work.
Increase Blog Traffic, top 5 working tips
Link Building Strategies [Must Follow This]

So, you now have a list of some most popular posts of this blog and I must say that you should read these posts and apply all tips.

So, what actually I am providing?

Here is the detail.

Free Keyword Research

I have a good experience of finding keywords and I did this work by getting paid from others on some SEO services platforms like SEOClerks.
But now I am offering my service to all of you for free, absolutely free.
I will do high ranking keyword research that will bring thousands of visitors to your blog from google if you will do everything properly..
Yeah, you need to do everything properly then it would work.
What is High Ranking Keyword Research?
High ranking keyword research is a process in which a marketer find out some keywords that have chances to get ranked higher in search engine, not only this but that keyword could bring a large amount of audience from search engines and I am gonna do something like this.
I will find keywords for you all that will have a chance to get ranked higher in google.
wait wait wait, was I said only to find keyword? oh sorry, there is one more amazing offer 😀
I will not only find high ranking keywords but I will also analysis top competitors for those keywords, now it sounds more amazing.
What I am Offering?
  1. Keyword Research: I will do a depth keyword research and will find out some high ranking keywords for you all.
  2. Keyword Analysis: I will analyze every keyword and tell you about local searches, global searches, competition and more.
  3. Competitors: I will find out top competitors for every keyword, so that you will have a chance to do more good and awesome than your competitors.
  4. Competitors Analysis: I will analyze your competitors and will tell you about their keyword competitiveness, page authority, domain authority, page backlinks and more.
So, I will do the above mentioned work for you all.  How much quantity of keywords? this is important.
How this service will work?
As I am providing this amazing service for free and I am not asking you a penny so there is a process and some rules to get this offer, don’t worry I will not say to share this blog or to follow us on social media 😛
Wait Wait, before moving forward let me tell you that by this service you are getting one more amazing thing that is a backlink to your website, yeah a BACKLINK, Lets read further.
How to get this offer?
  • Go to the comment section, In comment write your Name.
  • Write your Niche.
  • Write your main keyword (Optional)
  • Write your blog url (Now this is what I was talking about, a BACKLINK)
  • Write your email address.
  • Subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the below field and then hit submit, after that you will get an activation link in you mail box then activate your subscription and I will send you keyword research report in your email box.

Why asking for subscription?

The reason of subscription is to not wasting my time. Yeah, I am doing this for free but it takes time and if am giving my time to you then I would like to give this only to serious people thats why I am saying to subscribe the blog.

How will I provide the details? After commenting and subscribing my blog now its my turn to do something for you.First I will match your email address from the comment section with my subscription list. Only those who will active their subscription will get this opportunity.

I will also remove those comments who will not active their subscription.

So, whats next?

Next is to tell you that how you will get your results?

I will provide you full managed and easy to use CSV and PDF file that will help you to understand the keyword research report easily. Take a look at the below example.

Image.1. The Keyword Result in Online Marketing Niche.

Image.2. The three competitors of “Sales and Marketing” key phrase. These competitors are ranking on page one on Google.

The above images are just the examples. So how much keywords I will find for you? and How much competitors I will analyze for you.

  • I will find one or two high ranking keywords for your main keyword and niche.
  • I will do analysis for 4 competitors of every keyword.

I think this should be enough for free.

So, I have taken my first step now its your turn to grab this opportunity then I will do my remaining work for you.

Don’t forget to share this with others so everyone will get this free High Ranking Keyword Research offer for free with a Backlink.

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